Femttra is building an App to help avoid online fraud.

Our gamified learning platform uses real-world scenarios to make learning and recognizing potential fraud enjoyable.

What is Femttra?

Femttra helps prevent online financial fraud for customers and businesses while also supporting the training of young teens from underprivileged households in cybersecurity. 40% of our profits go towards this important cause, creating a generational skilled Cyber-Machines of the 21st century.

Our mission is to help people thrive by preventing online fraud for our customers.

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How We Help


Why Femttra?

Femttra was born out of our own experience as victims of online fraud, and we are dedicated to helping others avoid the same fate. Learn to recognize and avoid online fraud everywhere you go.


The root of the problem

Femttra helps Canadians prevent online fraud by providing real-time simulation-based learning that educates consumers and businesses to identify and recognize fraudulent activities. This prevents significant financial losses caused by online fraud which affects thousands of Canadians, costing them millions of dollars annually.


Your financial health matters

Femttra is a must-have app for customers and businesses, offering personalized and interactive learning to help stay ahead of the financial game and become smarter. Learn to recognize and avoid online fraud everywhere you go.

With femttra, you can help make a huge difference

Our butterfly symbol represents the positive impact we make in one person’s life, which resonates through their family, friends, and community. We help people thrive by protecting your financial well-being.

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