The right software package
for the right price for your startup
and get to the market, faster.

What is Femttra?

We help startups get to the market faster with the right software package and price. 

Our purpose is to provide a mission-driven platform to help you thrive, beat financial pressure, get working and launch a business.

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How We Help


The Team

Femttra was inspired. The founders are motivated by the desire to be part of a purpose that is beyond them. We are committed to helping you thrive in your business and personal growth. We listen to your fears to bring you the resources, that matter to your success. 


Get to the root of the problem

Sometimes there are multiple factors preventing us from realizing our life´s purpose. This could be lack of money to start your business, identifying an opportunity early enough, and a unified information about how others have done it. This is why we are here to help. 



You´re not alone

We have all been there at some certain point. It is sometimes difficult to quickly find specific trendy financial opportunity, before they become too late. Femttra automatically imports new results from all it´s sources, and auto posts them. We simplify the means to your financial well-being. 

With femttra, you can help make a huge difference

Our symbol is a butterfly and for a simple reason. The change we make in one person’s life will forever resonate through their family, friends, and community. This is a new dawn, a new knowledge, and a safe community of friendship, that uplift your vibe

Support Network

Need help? Get the support you need.

A community to share stories, awareness breaks, memes, for your long term success
Learn from experiences
A Rich Knowledge Resource




A Need for Change.


Of Canadian population will be living below the poverty line, post COVID.


Increase in unemployment applications.


Increase in suicides between 2019 and 2020.

How You Can Help

While we need funding to help complete our platform,
there are many ways you can contribute.


Help Fund Us

Once the printer ink runs dry it has to be replaced with another inkjet cartidge.


Join the Femttra Team

Together, lets explore the world of innovation, to empower lives. 


Spread the Word

Help us spread our social goals in any way you can.

Send us a message. Let us know what you would like to find here.

Toronto, Ontario

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