Femttra: Monitor your micro-donations from everywhere!

Personalize tracking your real-time ripple effects of your micro donations, globally.

What is Femttra?

Experience the direct effects of your micro donations through cutting-edge technology, bringing you closer to the change you seek. 40% of our profits go towards training teens from under-privilege household in Cybersecurity, enabling them to change their generational cause.

Our mission is to help people thrive, we make your contributions come to life, and strengthening your emotional connection to the causes you support. 

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How We Help


Why Femttra?

Femttra provides you that transparency and trust: Detailed data insights and verified partnerships, giving you a clear view of your impact, ensuring that your donations are making a genuine difference, while sharing your impact badge with friends and family easily.



Flexible Giving

Make small, frequent contributions without financial strain, allowing you to support causes that resonate with you on your terms. Join Femttra, a world of Micro-Ripple Giving and amplify your impact while building a legacy of positive change.


Effortless micro donations

Femttra is a must-have app to gain tailored updates and stories, share your impact across social media and feel the fullfilment and confidence from the impact you are creating. Making your micro donations effortless and trackable.

With femttra, you can help make a huge difference

Our butterfly symbol represents the positive impact we make in one person’s life, which resonates through their family, friends, and community. We help people thrive via pure transparency and an uncommon innovation.

Exclusive Channel

Immersive technologies with data insights that go beyond just giving.
A Virtual Reality
A Rich Knowledge Resource.
Connect with like-minded donors


Sharable Impacts

Support causes on your terms

How You Can Help

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