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What is Femttra?

To build your advanced database directory that is emotionally resourceful and educating.

Femttra was born from the many lessons learned from our voluntary engagements. We sort from billions of data to inspire the best in you.

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How We Help


You're not alone.

It is sometimes difficult to quickly find a specific information online, especially when you need it most. Femttra brings you a standard networking space to find organic contents for your wellbeing


Get to the root of the problem.

Complex problems, complex feelings. Sometimes there are multiple factors contributing to our emotions. Femttra finds and hosts rare contents in a fun to use AI powered space for your non-stop self-improvement


The Founder

Chris is a knowledge explorer. Experienced in the information Security field, Economics, Foreign Relations, business and languages. He says God has specifically used women to save his life at many difficult points. He is now giving himself back. For him, Femttra is a symbol of hope for you to succeed 

With femttra, you can help make a huge difference

Our symbol is a butterfly and for a simple reason. The change we make in one person’s life will forever resonate through their family, friends, and community. This is a new dawn, a new knowledge, and a safe community of friendship, that uplift your vibe

Support Network

Need help? Get the support you need.

The networking community empowers each other, by exchanging knowledge and experiences, awareness breaks, memes, for your emotional needs
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Change starts here

We need your help.
There has never been a more pivotal time for change.

Compounding financial stress

The increase in cost of living, combined with the impacts of COVID-19 have put many families and individuals in difficult financial situations.

All time high depression numbers

Mental health experts are showing an all time high in depression numbers. Economic, work, family, and environmental factors are all now playing a large role in people’s mental wellbeing.

A way forward to recovery

Change in a community always starts with the individuals. It’s why we strive to help individuals find happiness and wellbeing. Our ultimate goal is that they become ambassadors for change and betterment.

A Need for Change.


Of Canadian population will be living below the poverty line, post COVID.


Increase in unemployment applications.


Increase in suicides between 2019 and 2020.


Average debt carried by a family making an income of $52,000/yr.

How You Can Help

While we need funding to help complete our platform,
there are many ways you can contribute.


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Together, lets explore the world of innovation, to empower lives. 


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Help us spread our social goals in any way you can.

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