Women's Wellness Hub

A women’s wellness library and network.
A free, safe place to start.


Femttra, as a name, was born out of two words: femininity & butterfly.

Together these equate to a new-dawn, knowledge, empowerment & friendship, for women.

We specialize in using non-clinical solutions to help you find the source of your pain and connect you with the support you need within a safe, judgement-free space.

Femttra exists to help women achieve an enhanced quality of life holistically and without medical solutions. What we mean by this is that we believe in addressing the root cause of mental turmoil rather than only treat the effect thereof.

What We Do

We help you to discover and banish the root causes of depression for women with the help and support of non-clinical, wellness-based channels. If insurance does not cover your mental wellness, this is a safe space to find and use quality non-medical solutions.

This is a safe space for managing problems that steal your inner peace such as low income, job loss, abuse or harassment. Our intention is to help you connect with the right professionals and fellow users, as well as supply infinite educative and awareness resources. You are welcome to use this library as your go-to for updates on women safety, vulnerabilities: to be mentally armed and secure in your emotional health.

Introducing to you, a platform for a comfortable space to network and explore solutions that you really need.

Knowledge & Enrichment

Femttra’s knowledge library offers women an opportunity for personal and professional growth. Professional resources, connections and recommendations are just some of the inclusions found in our online community. We hope to transfer knowledge and skills to women of all ages.

Empowering you is our goal. We want you to handle, assess and lead your own lives and careers while rising above social issues and roadblocks such as poverty, sexism and classism.

Knowledge is power, and we believe that it should be spread far and wide.

Why Femttra

We are not a substitute for medical remedies. Femttra is the space you need to access and explore non-medical, solutions, connections and recommendations.

We have chosen to leverage the power of knowledge to confront the causes of mental stress in order to achieve mental wellness. Unlike other wellness sites, we believe in the ´Cause & Effect´ approach to solving social problems as it is the most efficient and long-lasting remedy. Rather than only address the effects of mental health suffering, we want to take care of the causes as well.

This platform is open to all. So, if you cannot access or afford a therapist, or you are without wellness insurance coverage, we have the options and resources to help you. We exist to reduce your burden and to offer a safe space for women.

Our Purpose

Our women’s wellness intelligence library exists to:

Identify the problem

Connect you with the right support you need

Provide a safe space

Networking opportunities for lifelong friendships

To uplift all women with a wellness knowledge library

Our Resources

Video resources





Inspiring resources from femtrepreneurs, influencers, role models & wellness professionals


Contact information for local therapists and wellness hubs

Networking channels

Links to wellness platforms

Wellness materials in the Wellness-Store

Friendship & Networking

The Femttra networking channels and forums are tools that are meant to help you connect with other women that we think you would get along with. We base this on similar interests and the belief that friendship provides women with a built-in support system whereby women can support and empower each other.

Our wellness library informs as well as connects women. An active community where women are committed to empowering others and sharing knowledge is the platform that we hope to be.


Health & Empowerment

Femttra believes in holistic wellness, and this includes taking care of your physical health. Our library includes recommendations and access to wellness products in the Wellness-market [insert hyperlink] for all-round nourishment.

We connect you with wellness professionals and fitness tips suited to different women and lifestyles.

If you’re someone that likes to take care of themselves, this platform is all about empowering women and providing the resources and networking opportunities in which to do this.

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